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HG+ Services


With our managed services, we offer you complete worry-free packages at a fixed price. With HG+ services, the focus is on the solution. The resources and tools themselves should fade into the background for our customers. The same applies to our service, because the best IT service is the one that is invisible to the user.

Leave your IT problems to us so you can concentrate on your business.


Identify problems before they arise

By continuously monitoring your systems, we ensure that you can detect irregularities or malfunctions at your workstations early on. Furthermore, we ensure that all systems are always up to date. In the event of any problems, we are quickly at your side with professional help via remote access.

IT inventory

As far as IT inventory is concerned, we keep track of everything for you without losing sight of anything. We take care of everything relevant to your hardware and software.


We monitor all systems in order to detect faults early on and to take countermeasures. In this way, we rectify faults before they can cause trouble.

Managed AV

Thanks to our service, you needn't worry about outdated antivirus solutions. We keep everything up to date and we respond immediately to alerts.


Because your data is important

Play it safe and put your backups in professional hands. We manage and monitor your backup data round the clock, so you can be confident that it is always up to date. The storage is safely encrypted in our data centre in Saarbrücken and, if you wish, at your local site as well. There are no additional costs for hardware or software.


We develop an individual backup strategy for you and regularly coordinate it with you. This ensures that all relevant data is backed up at all times.


Should irregularities occur with regard to your data backups, you will be informed by us immediately. If you wish, we will eliminate the source of the error for you.


Your data is transmitted in an encrypted form to the Haus & Gross data centre in Saarbrücken, Germany. It is stored there on redundant storage systems, which are secured against unauthorised access by several security levels and multi-factor authentication.


Managed. Monitored. Secure.

A firewall is only effective if it is professionally managed. We ensure that your company is always protected with a customised and up-to-date firewall system. We offer both service provision and support at an all-inclusive price for one monthly flat rate. In addition, we also monitor and secure the system and the services used.


We always keep the software and corresponding configurations updated, and we take care of all maintenance work for you.


The system is continuously monitored by us – so we can detect faults or bottlenecks early on and react to them immediately.


We always have the right hardware components on hand. In case of any defects or compatibility problems, we can react as quickly as possible.


The secure cloud for your data

Cloud storage from Germany, hosted in the Haus & Gross data centre. CLOUDSPACE+ is a secure place for your company data. You can synchronise data between your workstations effortlessly, and conveniently collaborate on documents and exchange information with customers and partners. Whether from your Mac, PC or iOS/Android mobile devices, data is always just a tap away and is kept secure at all times.


Benefit from the multi-layered possibilities of teamwork. Edit and share documents conveniently with external partners.


Access your company data from anywhere and at any time, from a desktop or remotely, with all your end devices.

Data security

Your data is stored securely in the Haus & Gross data centre thanks to state-of-the-art encryption technology and multi-factor authentication. Cloud storage made in Germany – one of the world's leading countries in data privacy and protection laws.

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